June 19th Compilation

This seems to be getting more regular. Straight hip-hop this time around.


Obviously look for 'June 19th', unless you want something else. Again you'll need to unzip after downloading.



May 24th Compilation

Here's a load of free shit to hinder your revision:


Look for the 'May 24th' zip. You'll need to decompress after downloading.

Hope you enjoy.


A bigass bundle of fun

Who wants some free music?


Check out the 'Oct. 31st' collection for:

 - Unreleased Gaga

- New Cee Lo

- New Nicki Minaj / Eminem

- A few hot remixes

- Some crazy grime (Devlin, Giggs, Tinchy, Tinie etc.)

- And more...


Kanye West - Runaway (film)

Kanye's quest to conquer every avenue of art reaches a logical apex as he releases Runaway - a 35 minute short film directed and scored by (not to mention starring) the rapper/producer. Worth a look simply for the sake of some interesting beats set to feature on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Nov 22nd) and lots of pretty colours, if not for tremendous acting or cogency...









Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine Re-issue

Nine Inch Nails (best band evar) is a group I strongly urge you all to check out. After over 20 years of meticulous recording and prolonged strings of live dates, the band disbanded for an indefinite touring hiatus in 2009. They released their debut LP Pretty Hate Machine in 1989 to cult acclaim, but nowadays, for all its merits, it sounds unfortunately dated.

Thank christ they're re-mastering it.

Go get that shit on November 22nd, and hear how it all began in glorious 2010 clarity.